2017 – VERSO… IL SUD

Verso... il SudThe show comes from an idea by ​​Claudia D’Amico and Carmine Ioanna, already protagonists in “Anime Migranti“, tells the traditions and customs of the people of southern Italy. A cross-section of past life, which is intertwined with modernization, from the role of women, to emigration, passing through the “wedding”.

Dramatic strokes that alternate with funny sketches, rarefied atmospheres, sometimes ethereal. A story divided into three moments, where the actress Claudia D’Amico through her sensitivity, throws the viewer into a distant world, full of traditions, rituals and popular customs, only to return to current events, which is the same as the past if observed from another point of view.

Verso... il SudMeaningful is the phrase “When the emigrants were Italians, when we were emigrants” !! On stage four musicians and a singer, with a repertoire of popular songs from Southern Italy, rearranged in a modern key, an procedure in perfect harmony with the show: to describe the past, with a look at the present. Music and speech give life to a dense dialogue, sometimes harsh, but always balanced, where one never prevails over the other.

Claudia D’Amico (actress)
Carmine Ioanna (accordion)
Dario Miranda (bass)
Daniele Castellano (guitar)
Francesco Savoretti (percussion)
Rosa D’Agnese (voice)


d'Zic TrioCheerful but triple animated“!
d’Zic Trio: Carmine Ioanna, Vim Zambzorne and Eric Capone. Music is a great opportunity to communicate and find meeting points even with cultures very far from ours.

d’Zic Trio is a project born from the meeting with these two fantastic musicians. The approach is jazz, more free and belly, but the repertoire consists of our compositions and revisitations of traditional songs, Africa and Irpinia.
A meeting between three very similar personalities but with different experiences and experiences, which are told using communication as a priority, bringing the listener by the hand on a journey that starts from the African villages and passes through the rural Italy of Irpinia, with colors ranging from Jazz to World Music.

– Carmine Ioanna: Accordion and Voice (Italy)
– Vim Zambzorne: Percussions, Guitars and Voice (Burkina Faso)
– Eric Capone: Piano, Balafon, Oud and Voice (France)

d'Zic TrioFrom the meeting between Carmine Ioanna, known Irish accordionist, and the duo of the French collective Braslavie, Capone / Zabsonré, born of Zic Trio, a musical project “with variable geography” that combines, with jazzy syncretism, international musicality.

Their ties are familiar and musical, the trio goes far beyond improvisation and expresses itself according to the wishes of each of the three, of the public.
Their trait d’union is a perennial “hic et nunc“, functional to continuous openness and spontaneity.
Their slogans, or rather, of disorder: no limits, no intellectual arrogance, reactivity and sense of the immediate.


Anime MigrantiCarmine Ioanna, a well-known Irpine musician known in the international jazz scene and Claudia D’Amico, a Sicilian actress already appreciated in several TV dramas including “Come un delfino” alongside Raul Bova and “I Cesaroni“, will alternate in a dialogue direct and sincere between music and word.

They are very similar artists but at the same time different from each other, with the idea of ​​the arts as a form of meeting and sharing.

Based on a true story, “Anime Migranti” written and interpreted by Claudia D’Amico, tells the story of a woman, who left from the south of Italy with her son to reach her husband in New York.

A slice of life that tells the social fabric of Italy in the early ‘900, when we were to emigrate, with videos and photos of the era to act as a backdrop to the performance, a series of touching images that immerse the viewer immediately in the climate of the story.

Claudia D’Amico, Carmine Ioanna, both from the South, a land that has undergone the phenomenon of emigration like few others in the world, bring to the stage the suffering, tenacity and hope of all those people who have been forced to leave their lands to look for luck elsewhere.

Telling the past, but with a look at current events.

Carmine Ioanna (accordion)
Claudia D’Amico (acting voice)

Original text written by Claudia D’Amico